Our Work

Here you will find some examples of our client portfolio as well as a few of their testimonials. Have a look at what they have to say about us and follow the links to explore our work live.

  • Euroland provided great support, responding to our various requests patiently and with true professionalism. Their team is flexible, the cooperation always uncomplicated, the implementation professional. We are very satisfied with their leading-edge service.

  • We wanted to improve the usability of the data tools on our IR webpages and also make them responsive. Euroland IR’s expertise, friendly service and fast deliver of the tools tailor to our needs made an impression on us. The tools are looking great and functioning very well also on mobile devices, which we think is an important point regarding communications with IR target groups.

  • Euroland’s Financial Chart Tool was just the tool we needed to complement our website when it concerns the presentation of financial data. Reading interim and annual reports as stand alone products is of course very useful, but investors and analysts also want to see a historical financial development, and this tool provides that possibility. And as it is interactive, all the numbers pop up in the chart, so you don't need to look them up. We present both annual and quarterly data from the income statements, the balance sheets and cash flow statements as well as key figures. It's a great tool.

  • Our Analysts like the Interactive Analysis Tool. We have recieved very good feedback from them. Several Investors have also sent us their appreciation on our new website. Communication with them is now faster and more accurate. Euroland does a great job updating our key information and presenting it in a very friendly and comprehensive way.

  • Thanks to Euroland, FGB was able to take its corporate website to the next level by providing comprehensive financial information and real-time market data in a highly user-friendly format. We are exceptionally pleased by the array of innovative tools that Euroland has developed, by their continued focus on enhancing their products and services, and by the professionalism and responsiveness of the support team.

  • I am very happy to recommend Euroland. The three most important criteria: quality, trustworthiness and price were all on excellent level, so it was quite easy for us to choose Euroland.

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